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Destiny Awake Inspirational

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By Oluwamide Oladeji


Scripture: Hebrew 4:16
Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

God gives grace to the humble but he resists the proud. So, if you are not humble, you can’t access grace.

Many people are binding Satan from time to times but they don’t know that God was the one resisting them because there is no deposits of grace in their lives’ accounts.

Grace is capacity of Holy spirit displays through a child of God. You don’t need special theology to operate in Grace, you simply need to ask for it from God. When grace speaks your lapses are silenced.

I have found myself several time on my kneel crying and weeping for a fresh touch of God on my life.

grace is an attractor of favour
Grace is a dispenser of creativity; the world is full of competition, it takes the deposits of creativity in your spirit to breakthrough.

Grace helps to live a pure life.
Grace is an expression of Holy Spirit’s strength and wisdom through a heir of salvation.

I urge you don’t go on any journey of life without Grace, it will end with frustration. I invite you this morning to dine with Holy spirit. I urge you this morning to thirst and hunger for an unbroken relationship with Holy spirit.

Lord, I cry this morning as Moses cried, if you don’t go with me don’t permit me to move. Enrich my life with your grace.

Till tomorrow,
Oluwamide Oladeji
Fathering Centre,
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