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Eatery Christians and kitchen Christians.

And Jacob said, Sell me this day thy birthright.And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me? Genesis 25:31-32.

Many Christians are eatery Christians, they are Christians that want it fast. When it comes to destiny and fulfilment things of God are not fast fast but are in process. God don’t break the protocol of divine timing and preparation.

You can pray and God grant you pregnancy but you can’t deliver a matured child with two months pregnancy. God will not break the protocol of divine timing and preparation.

An eatery Christian depends on other people for their lives. Their understanding of God is shallow. People fast for them, they can’t fast by themselves. They can’t pray by themselves but they depend on others to pray for them.

They mostly fall into the hands of fake prophets and teachers because they want it fast. They want it quick. They don’t know what is called fellowship with God.

Eatery Christians place no importance on Bible study service during the week, they even feel they favour pastor by coming to church on Sundays alone.

Eatery Christians don’t know skills and acts of cooking. They want it ready every time. They can’t wait to cook and be cooked by God. They give contracts of their prayers and fasting to fake prophets and teachers.

This was the problem of Esau, he couldn’t go to kitchen by himself. Esau had to sell his destiny, the Excellency of his dignity and his glory as an exchange for a plate of red pottage.

Stop being an eatery Christian, be a kitchen Christian;a Christian that seek God and find God by himself.

Ho Lord, set my life on fire for you.

Till tomorrow,
Oluwamide Oladeji
Fathering Centre,

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